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Obtaining your ERO certificate with an online course, is that allowed? Yes it is!

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Digital ERO certificate

Have you completed the online ERO basic or refresher course? Then you will receive a fully digital certificate. This certificate is valid for one year. Once your certificate has expired, you will need to extend it with an ERO refresher course. You can do that with us too! You can also follow the ERO refresher course once you have completed the basic with another training provider. You then register for an online ERO refresher course.

After completing the online course, you can find the certificate in the online learning environment. You can download this certificate. You do not receive a pass for this, but an online document you can download anywhere. Always digitally nearby and better for the environment!

All our courses are regonised by OnlineOpleidingsInstituut. This means that you will receive a worthy ERO certificate when completing an online ERO course. You will then be a certified emergency response officer. A company is also obliged to take effective measures in the field of ERO (Article 3, the Occupational Health and Safety law). The programme of our online ERO course is designed to ensure that you are competent to perform the associated tasks.

Frequently asked questions about the ERO certificate

  • Yes, you can extend the ERO certificate obtained from another training providing with us. You then register for an ERO refresher course.

  • Fortunately, in many cases you do not need to put the aquired ERO knowledga into practice. But it is important that you know what to do in an emergency. That is why following an online ERO refresher course is extra important and does your ERO certificate have a validity of one year.

  • You will receive an ERO certificate when you have succesfully completed the online ERO course. The ERO certificate you obtain from us is completely digital. You will not receive a pass. You can save the digital certificate on your mobile phone, so it is always nearby. Useful!


Do you still have questions about the ERO certificate? Get in touch or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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